How will digital apprenticeships help you?




What is an apprenticeship?

Skills for the real world, learned in the real world. Apprenticeships are a unique blend of learning and work. Our part in it? We teach people the skills to kick start, transform and cement successful careers.

How apprenticeships work for you

Apprentices spend most of the time working

80% in fact. Completing work projects – doing all the things they’re learning, right away on the job.

The rest of the time, they’ll be learning.

In lots of different ways. With tonnes of support – from a QA skills coach, tutors, and our learner services team.

Identified a skills gap? We've got it covered

Whether you are growing your business at pace, need more technical skills or perhaps you want to improve skills in leadership? Apprenticeships offer an excellent solution.

Find and develop local talent

Grow your future. Create an entry-level talent programme – create a leadership training programme – develop digital specialists. There are many ways apprenticeships could work for you.

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What makes QA’s apprenticeships special?

Our aim? Develop worthwhile futures. We put hard work into creating apprenticeships that build beneficial skills. 

That’s why our apprenticeships are guided by our (very unique) design principles – which focus us on doing just that.

Future focussed

Technology is entwined in our lives. And for good reason – it makes things easier. We put technology front and centre of our programmes. We also use it to help you learn – anytime, anywhere.

Job specific and relevant

Our apprenticeships are designed around roles and occupations. We develop the right technical skills for the role – and the right people skills (which are just as important).


We teach people how to do things, not how to pass tests.


Our apprenticeships are career-changing. We design progression options (like degree and Master's apprenticeships) – to take people and organisations as far as they want to go.

Information. Guidance. Impact. Everything you need to know about the apprenticeship levy

Introduced in April 2017, the apprenticeship levy is a government initiative to fund apprenticeships. You’ll only pay the levy if you have a total wage bill over £3 million.

The government committed to 3 million apprenticeship starts in England by 2020. So, the levy was created to fund this. Their goal? To encourage more people to hire apprentices – and help reduce skills gaps in the UK.

Download our apprenticeship levy guide for more on what the levy is the positive impact it’s had so far.

Additional incentives in England

All employers in England will receive a £1,000 incentive payment for each 16-18 year old apprentice. The incentive will be paid to you by your training provider in two equal instalments – at 3 and 12 months.

This incentive also applies to 19-24 year old apprentices who have been in care, or who have a Local Authority Education, Health or Care plan.

50% increase in apprenticeships since the levy began
125% increase in the number of technology apprenticeships introduced over the last year
48% of UK managers expect a rise in the number of apprenticeship starts in next 12 months

How can QA help with the apprenticeship levy?

We’ll work alongside you – understanding what the levy means for you and how to use it best. How? We use the following three steps:

Consult – we’ll work together to understand what levy funds you have – and what you want to get out of it.

Advise – we’ll analyse how you could use the levy wisely – to meet your goals. We’ll spell it out for you – giving clear recommendations that achieve what you set out to do.

Implement – once we’ve nailed down what you need, we’ll work together, putting it into practice. It could be hiring one apprentice, or creating a much bigger talent development programme – whatever it is, we’ll set it up with you.


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Amazing places hire amazing people

We’ve kick-started over 25,000 careers through apprenticeships. Working with amazing businesses – from quirky start-ups to major, multinational companies. 

We use our experience to find you the right person – perfectly matched to you. And, once we’ve found them for you, they’ll learn their craft with us. We specialise in recruiting young people – we’ve tried, tested and innovated our recruitment process to get it spot on. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring 5 people or 100 – you don’t have to worry about job ads, or sifting through CVs. We’ll do it all. Seriously. We write engaging job ads – promote your opportunities (we’ve got a huge network to get tonnes of interest) – process applications – manage interviews. The whole lot. 

What do our apprentices think?

Still not sure how funding works? No problem. If you want to know the ins and outs, let’s go through it together.

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